the anatomy of a Rethink Renovations piece… « Rethink Renovations


These images show the process that Patrick goes through to hand make each stool and each piece of our furniture.

The pieces of each stool are dry fit together, hand planed and sanded; adjusted as many times as necessary for a snug fit.  The pieces are then permanently connected together with glue and clamped to dry.

The care and consideration even the smallest of pieces commands (like our stools here) is testament to the craftsmanship and pride we take in this process and the final product.

After dried and unclamped, the stools are ready to be sanded and finished.  The stools shown here are ready and waiting for their turn to be finished.  Each one gets three coats of a water based finish, however, we also have water based milk paints in several colors that would be done at this time too.